June 2, 2008

Yes...another soccer post

I know...seems like fall is the soccer season around here but alas it has now started in Spring. There is a certain kid in our house that has really gotten bit by the soccer bug. I had a feeling this day might come. Tomorrow is the start of taking it to the next step. Jarod has been really wanting to tryout for the local Komets travel soccer club and tomorrow is the first of 2 tryouts. I am nervous as a mom I really want him to succeed but I also don't want him to be devastated if he doesn't make it. He has only played 3 years at the rec level and then this past few weeks playing 3v3. He has worked with the coaches from the Komets club and has learned so much in just the few short weeks. His skill level has really improved. I think with time and training he could become a really good player. We have had several people comment in the last few weeks about his game and how long he has played. I just want him to continue to have fun and love playing like he is now. I don't want him to get burned out on it. I am not pushing him to do this. I have left it up to him but also have encouraged him along with reminding him he may not make the team this time around. The do however have what they call is the "academy" team which is a stepping stone of sorts to get to the travel level. I know he can do this!! No matter what happens I am very proud of him and his game. He plays a good clean game and is a real team player. I am going to be on pins and needles the next two days with this.
I nerdy of a soccer mom would I be if I brought the camera along??? Total rhetorical questions because there really is no way I would NOT bring it ;o) sooo naturally pictures to follow.

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