July 28, 2008

Good stuff...

I was feeling quite homey today. Clean the kitchen...even mopped the floor! I got most of the laundry done, clean the bathroom...tub/toilet too. Just hung around today. Jarod was playing Madden 08 that he borrowed from the library. Riley was just chilling in the living room playing with lego, dinos and ninja turtles. Everyone was content doing there own thing but we were together. Ordered backpack for the boys from LL Bean for school. This year I decided to try theirs out. I am tired of buying 2-3 backpacks a year because they fall apart!! I have heard great reviews about them. Surprisingly they were not that much more than what I have been getting. Later we went for a walk around Pioneer Park. About 5 mins into it Riley did a nose dive on his scooter. Skinned knee and lots of drama. Thank goodness I have a little first aid kit in the car. Cleaned and Bandaged after a bit he was good as new. Took Max as well he enjoyed it as well. Stopped my mickey d's for a drink but after realizing it was 8 and we hadn't had dinner yet grabbed some dinner as well.
Tomorrow we are heading to Indiana Beach for some fun in the sun!!! Hopefully Riley is not too tired....its was 10 before he finally went to bed!
During my cleaning spell earlier in the day I thought the boys would enjoy these for a special treat...I can't remember the last time I made cupcakes! YUM!
I munched on these while the cupcakes were cooling....oh man they were good along with the grapes I bought yesterday. Jarod polished the grapes off!

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