July 28, 2008

Indiana Beach

We had a fun filled day at Indiana Beach! The weather was perfect!! Hot enough to play in the water but not so hot it was miserable. I should have just bit the bullet and took my swim suit because I would have loved to play in the water some. The boys had a blast!!! Grandma did too! We came home exhausted but in a good way! The beach is a term that I would use very loosely...definately wasn't the kind of beach we had in CA :lol: Overall a great day filled with lots of fun memories! I have to remind myself tomorrow after having my camera almost a year I still need to figure how to turn the fill flash on because there were plenty of times I wanted to use it! Here are a few of my favorites pics....
The log ride started the day!! Riley wasn't too thrilled with it...he didn't expect it to go so fast!
He did get on it again though when Grandma went.

This one just cracks me up...Jarod being the great brother he is tagged along with Riley on the kiddie rides. He reminded me of a clowning climbing into this little car. He pratically ate his long legs!

Waiting in line for the bumper cars...even though this one is blurry (another of my famous self portrait style shots ;) I LOVE that we are all in the frame!

One tuckered boy....he did great!!!!
It was a long hot day and he didn't have one meltdown!


gail said...

What a fun time! Great pictures!

Sonya said...

Those are some awesome pics Heather! That last one is priceless!!

emelyn said...

WOW!! That place looks super fun. The kids had a GREAT time..reminds me of Great America!! Hey, wanted to let you know that I'll take the picture tomorrow. It's been a crazy week! LOL!