July 2, 2008

Hump day...

Another day closer to the 3 day weekend ....YEA!!!! I have been in a scrap mode lately. It's been feeling good having the creative juices flowin' a bit. I know that half the problem was not doing anything creative and thus feeling un creative because i wasn't doing anything. sound clear as mud right? ;o) Since there's not diddle squat on tv I have been hunkering down in the corner of my room and doing some fun stuff.
We are heading to the lake this weekend with the grandfolks for the 4th of july holiday. riley is super excited with anticipation to fish. i still need to get the stuff for the poles or we are going to have a hard time catching much. i have a list of stuff that needs to be done and in my typical fashion i am waiting to the last minute to do it. its only 3 days well 2.5 since we are not leaving until friday afternoon. i am looking forward to it and i know the boys are too. naturally the camera is going to be packed. i really hope the boys have great time hanging with the grandfolks and experience some wonderful memories...that naturally i want to capture on film.

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Tana said...

Love the new header. Beautiful sunset!