July 6, 2008

A weekend @ Wasatch Lake

We spend the 4th of July weekend with Grandma and Grandpa at Wasatch Lake. We had a a blast! Jarod loved fishing and caught LOTS!!! Not to mention even a turtle, but the best of all was when he was down at the dock by himself fishing and caught this HUGE catfish all on his own!! The grandfolks were on the other side of the lake and could hear him from there squealing in excitement over his big catch!! I went running down to check it out. When I got there he was yelling....MOM take a picture!! take a picture!! In the rush of excitement when I heard him I didn't grab my camera. That didn't stop him though. He ran up and got not only mine....but grandma's too :) Riley had fun during the water gun fight. He's not much of a fisherman not enough patience and riding in the boat he long as the boat was tied up on the dock ;) It was a great relaxing weekend for us all!! Here are just a "few" of the...oh 220 or so pictures I took :lol: I am still lovin' my 70-300mm lens over the 50mm one I got a few weeks ago.

Grandma and Riley playing catch

Our boat...all of the 8 cabins here have there own dock and boat/canoe

Jarod and his BIG "Cat"ch

Row row row your boat :) Riley and I went for a ride on the lake together.
Jarod never want to leave the dock and fishing :)

Grandfolks goin' for a row
Fishing with Grandpa

Jarod goes to get his line that was tangled....he became very
good at getting his line tangled! ;)

Our Cabin...cabin 4
Mister Squirrel ...he was giving me the riot
act for being too close to "his" tree

Marsha (one of the caretakers for the Lake) tells
Riley he can go and get her "BIG" watergun
for the water fight. He was soooo excited!!!

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