July 11, 2008

Wally world aka Walmart ;)

So a week or so ago I was wandering around the new Wally world we just got in town. It's crazy to think of the idea that I was COUNTING the days for this darn store to open but I definately was! Now that it is I find I go there lots. I sooo gosh darn love how convenient to have it because they have like everything!!So anyways during a recent trip I was wondering around the "home" section and found me buying one of the stand/shelf things you put on the wall behind the toilet. Our bathroom is small..especially when 3 people try to fit in it at times. There's absolutely no room for anything extra on the floor. So this was going to have to do because I needed more storage. I don't know why but I was really drawn to the burnished bronze I found. As I was meandering around I discovered this.....

When I saw it I knew I just HAD to get it. I loved it...the shower curtain that is. I have been digging the greens, browns and light tans lately. This just seemed to be great in our bathroom. The current curtain was a reddish color that matches the living room but it really darken up the bathroom. Now I am on a mission to add little things as the budget allows. I want to repaint the walls...any suggestions on color?? I would love to do a warm light brown but don't know if it would fly because of the size and the fact it has no windows. I also want to get rid of the horrid vanity sink it has. These are just typical..and boring. I envision a pedestal sink...and a new mirror and light fixture. Then you know i need a new faucet. All this because of a 15 buck shower curtain. But I can sooo see it coming together. What I also will need is art work. For some reason I thought these pics I took would look good. I thought the one of the tree I can do a big print like 8x10 in a matted frame. The then other two as smaller maybe 4x6 or 5x7 and have on the wall right by the light switch.
I think etsy is calling my name to find some other fun things.

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stacy said...

Your nature photos are so pretty!