August 16, 2008

Coming along...

Ever so slowly my corner is starting to get a bit more organized and functional. Not that I couldn't work before but I always made a HUMUNGO mess working. Can't say that I still won't spread things out a bit when I work but at least now I have things sorted in a way that works for me and the way I think. There are still a few things I need to tweak but its slowly coming around. I don't mind having my bedroom be also my scraproom. I actually like it because it gives me a chance to hide so to speak. It's my little space one I don't have to share with toys and boy things. Not that I am a girly girl but it's nice to do it for me. I also have my old 3 shelf bookshelf in my room as well. I have it near my bed and I have been able to put books that I have read/going to read in it. I have my albums of pictures for me to scrap from. Along with a few other things like my altered rolodex, cuttlebug and cool wood shelf thing that I have plans to alter. It's not a fancy scraproom/space but it's mine ;)
This afternoon it was the soccer field for us. Another gorgeous day that my allergies were "thrilled" to have. I sound like froggie and barely have a voice but it didn't stop me for cheering my lil' man on. He is really coming along in the soccer department. Total 360 from last season when he wanted nothing to do with it except for snack time. Nowadays he is a total go getter....even when the sun is beating down (when you add the humidity well.....then he is not such the eager beaver, not that I blame him. He loves running and working the ball but who would have thought the kid LOVES playing goalie! Had a great game today! He scored right as he kicked the ball off!! What are the odds of that!! Kinda like a hole in one soccer style right? ;)

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