August 14, 2008


So my lil' man had to go and grow up on me! I have been counting the days for Riley to start school. Today the day finally came..and you know what? I really wasn't quite ready for it. I cannot believe that he is old enough to be going to kindergarten! Many of days I wondered how I was going to do it and make it to see this day. He has been a handful to say the least. Up until a today I thought today was going to be another challenge with him. "School is stupid" I would hear or my favorite "They are going to make me learn to read" ...uh hello love when I read to you ;) I was a bit worrisome that this might be one of those "drama filled" days he is so known for. I really wanted him to be excited about the whole experience. I sure was!! The last few weeks I have been hyping it up. Trying to get him involved in all the different aspects from picking the new perfect backpack from LL Bean, to getting the school supplies he needed, and then shopping for new clothes and shoes this past weekend. As time went by I began to see a bit of a twinkle in his eyes still though he wasn't quite willing to admit it to me. That was until today....Today was a perfect first day! I came and picked him up from daycare (he's a PM kindergartener...we called them late birds when I was in school ;) ) He was sooo excited. When he sees me he runs to grab his back pack even though we had well over 45mins before class began! I let him get his backpack and give his teacher a hug and away we went. He was practically jumping out of his skin.
We stopped by Wendy's which is just down the road from school so I could grab a bite to eat and he could have a root beer before the big event. It felt so special just being with him watching the little things he did and hearing the excitement bubble out of his voice when he would talk. After a few mins...he was sooooo antsy about leaving ;) we loaded in the car and headed to school...So what that we were like 15-20mins early. Our drive was a whopping 3 minutes down the road. We arrived at school and I pulled out the camera and captured a few bits of his first day. I could have fiddled with my camera to get it set "just right" with all the settings but you know somedays it is too much work and you miss out on the moments like these...well at least I do because I don't know enough yet to just flip to these settings. I love these though. I love what the represent and the memories that I hope he will look back on one day and smile.

Hurry MOM!! I don't want to be late!

Take a minute to pull up the drawers ;)

In the classroom

I can totally hear him thinking...OK MOM I got in under control you can leave now. I'll be fine.
And then last peek again by me just to make sure all is well :)
On the way home we heard about how fun his day was. His favorite part....playing with the blocks and making a train track. I laid in bed with him a few minutes before bed to talk a bit moe about his day. He went on to tell me how another boy came along and took his blocks and messed it up. But I didn't get in trouble with the teacher mom. I got mad that the boy took the blocks but I didn't yell I just went Hmmphf! That my dear is AWESOME.... he is making huge strides to growing up and that light at the end of the tunnel is shining bright with all the great things this kid has in store for him! I pray that he finds what is his passion and goes after it full force. I wonder where that creative brain of his is going to take him.

Even though the first day of school for Jarod was yesterday...I had to get the yearly picture of them on the porch together. It was a first full day for both of them....Jarod only had a half day yesterday ;) Gosh how big they are getting!!!! I had gotten some crappy news earlier this evening but when I downloaded these I was reminded of how blessed I truly am...It looks like I AM doing a pretty darn good job with these boys! I love that I could capture a bit of the brotherly love they have for one another ....and that they look HAPPY! And that my everything I want out of my life right now:)
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Lisa aka Spikesmom said...

Aw Heather, I love your story about the first day of school. You must be SO proud of your gorgeous boys!!

emelyn said...

Wahh..I'm reading this and crying!! I can't believe how fast our kids are getting...a 4th grader and a Kinder!! My kids start on the 20th...I'm soo NOT looking forward to it! WTG, Riley, for taking control of your emotions and not letting that boy get to you!! You rock, little dude!

Michelle said...

omg what great pictures and the story is great!!my boys will be starting school in about 2 wks!!!

stacy said...

Your kindergarten story is so sweet! I love all your 1st day pics!

Tosha said...

i stumbled on your blog from a comment you left on another blog that I also stumbled on, lol. Anyways I just wanted to tell you how sweet your story is and what beautiful pictures those are! My daughter will be starting k thursday and I am apprehensive about it to say the least.