August 27, 2008

Here I thought only girls did stuff like this

So last night I have the boys get a shower and cleaned up because today was picture day for school. We had discussed what each of them was wanting to wear making sure it was clean and all. I get Riley in the tub and all clean. Nice shiny clean hair, no dirt under the nails he's looking might good for a 5.5yr old. Next up it's Jarods turn. He does a good job just need to make sure he has the fan on cause the kid likes to steam up the bathroom. So I am going about getting stuff for the morning. I hear Jarod turning the water off and finishing up his shower. He tells me something about his bangs being too long and that he trimmed them. I don't know why but it didn't really dawn on me at first what exactly this entailed. I went about my business pretty much clueless what had happened. Soon he is walking into the living room ready for bed with his wet head only he is missing about a good inch off his bangs right smack in the front....and oh only about a 2-3" wide section at that. It dawns on me now what he had told me. I start to giggle and say What did you do! "When I wash my hair the soap kept getting in my eyes along with my bangs because they are so long so I cut them to get them out of the way". At this point I am laughing and he is with me. I was like know that they are going to shrink up when they dry! He was like They are? Oh this was just tooo funny! I was laughing and so was he. I told him that in 10-20yrs down the road he is going to look back and remember this when he looks at his school picture for 4th grade. What a funny one it is....story that is. Now if this had been a girl it would not have been so funny but this is a 9.5yr old boy who really doesn't really care much about his hair other than the fact he wasn't wanting to discuss the possiblity of getting it trimmed. Since he did a good job keep it clean and brushed I didn't mind it growing out and actually I really liked it!! I knew I had to try and fix this the best I could at 9pm at night. I tell him to get me the scissors he used. Naturally they are some of the worse ones we have. They are a old pair of cuttlebug yellow handle scissors I used for scrapbooking. Needless to say they are NOT good for hair cutting. I tried to do the best I could and well....not have him look too much like Billy Ray Cyrus from the 80's. He had to make do with it for pictures at school. I think this is a funny story and he does too. He has laughed about it as much as I did. That is the bright side of this...had this been a girl it would have been major drama! Having boys is just soo much better ;)

Here is before.....

Here is the after....after taking him tonight to get it "fixed" doesn't look that bad if he keeps it tousled looking ;) We tried to keep of much of the length to it as we could without giving him a mullett LOL

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emelyn said...

haha, oh my!! I'm laughing with you, seriously!! But he is still a handsome fella!!