August 30, 2008

Tooo cute to pass up

Here they are the surprise by product of Macaroni...the cat they told Jarod was a boy. As you can see that was NOT the case :)

When I learned he was a she I wasn't thrilled to say the least. Then to discover that I was too late in getting to the vet wasn't helpful either. Well honestly...when I discovered she was "expecting" I decided to go with the flow because I believe every kid should get to experience something like this. These lil' darlin's joined us right after the 4th of July holiday. Jarod had woken me around 4am to tell me one had come. I was happy that there were only 4. Macaroni done a decent job with them. I can tell though she is done with being a "nursemaid" she is pretty much doing all she can to wean them much to the dismay of noisey...thats what I call the lil' calico that "cries and whines" a bit tooo much. She definately let it know she was NOT happy with Macaroni's decision.

The darkers ones are the exact opposite. They are sooo laid back and go with the flow. Needless to say I am trying to be convinced we need to keep them. I am sticking to my guns and saying no! Soooo one more week and I am going to start looking to find these lil' rascals home. They are tooo cute though..and I love that the darker ones are all fluffy and seemed to have a bit of a nice longer coat...NO I won't keep one...even though either of them are awfully cute and I do find myself really drawn too them. Shhhhh don't tell the boys of my weakness ;)

Today I tackled a certain 5.5yr olds bedroom. 2.5 large garbage bag later and furniture moved around the kid has a clean room. NO those dirty fingers are not from helping me clean...he was more of a observer than a helper. I give the guy credit though. He didn't protest at all about any of the stuff that I pitched! I pretty much go rid of all the excess stuff he has that he never plays with. I did keep the stuff that I find he goes to again and again....Super heros, cars, more action figure guys, dinos and his color crayons, markers, pencils etc. I moved his bed around and got rid of the toy box. WOW his room seems big now compared to before! He has only about 3 clear rubber maid 13gal (or is it quart??) bins and 3 tubs of legos but he is set. I don't feel too bad...the holidays are not to far off as well as his birthday. I think Mr. J's room will be tomorrow maybe. I don't see his taking as long he doesn't have a lot of stuff to begin with. He already does the less is more way of livin'

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