September 7, 2008

Anatomy of a game

So here you have it a team that isn't really "listening" much to what the
coaches are saying. Seems like they are more interested in summing up the

Ahhh the rivals...yes turns out they have more players than we which
means more subs...but we have "heart".

So as a team we warm up together.....but not without keeping an
eye on those competitors over yander.

Warm ups should be a time of precison and timing ...but alas it
seems more like a bit of mass confusion. Maybe we should have
been a bit more attentive a few minutes ago.

And let the game begin...but remember to keep your head in
the game but also out of harms way.

Because as most will tell you...Soccer can be a competitive
sport and it only gets rougher as they get older.

I can't help but wonder if they coaches are pondering the outcome
of the game. Our team is playing a fast aggressive game but you
have to ask yourself..."Is it enough"

Remember what I said have to be willing to keep
your head in the game at all times.

And by half time you see...your teams is now a bit more focused
and ready to listen to the wisdom and knowledge you have to share.

And so there you have it, a beautiful day to play soccer.

PS.....I wish I could report that we won...but alas
this story doesn't have a happy ending. We lost 2-1
but these kids gave them a run for their money and played
a good hard PHYSICAL game of soccer. They are also learning
that penalties and fouls are not always guarantee to be called
correctly and fairly. As a player though you must learn to adapt to this and play the best you can with good sportsmanship.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures.
Love how you tell the story.