September 14, 2008

Winds a blowin'

The aftermaths of Ike is heading our way. The trees are blowing with a good bit. While the breeze feels good over the stale humid air we've been having I wonder what type of conditions it's going to make for soccer today. Max is running around whimpering because he hears other dogs barking and wants to go and join them. No go dog...I know the minute I let you out you will be wanting right back in again.
I actually woke up this morning before the boys did. I really love on days that this happens. It allows me a few minutes of "quiet time" something I don't get enough of. I was able to drink my cup of coffee in the silence of our home. Typically I have something going on. Even when the boys are in there room playing it's still not the same as having the house in the morning. That quiet without the sounds of boys, the dog, or even the cat is just pure bliss. It didn't last long which I knew it wouldn't. It wasn't very long before one boy got up to go to the bathroom and another came in with his typical morning protest pleas of STARVIN' ....I swear that kid is a bottomless pit!
In a few hours we are headed to the soccer fields. I am looking forward to it. Hopes of a good game and maybe even a win. I don't think I will bring the camera because of the probable chance of rain. I think Ry is done with soccer for the year. The battle of personalities between his coach and him is just a bit much. I personally think the coach expects a bit too much from these kids....HELLO they are all under six and even though Ry is the oldest at 5.5 most of the kids look to be more 4 and 5. To me this should be the age for the kids to have fun with the sport and just get the basics down. Some of the things they are trying to teach the kids just seems too advance for the ages. It also seems as all the coaches do it point out all the things he does wrong. I never hear a good job or praise during practices. Something about always pointing out the negative just doesn't seem right. I will be the first to admit I have a hardheaded and stubborn kid. He can though do good if given the opportunity. Its as if the coach doesn't even want to try and understand him and maybe find what makes him tick. Ry is the type of kid you can't strong arm him to doing something. If you do he will dig his heels and fight you every step of the way. I don't feel like the coach even cares to learn what makes him tick...its like his way or no way. If I hear "eyeballs" from the coach one more time as the tries to get the kids attention I will scream....C'mon guy these are SMALL kids!! I think expects the same from the under 6 kids as he does the under 8 team he coaches...Uhhh hello I don't think so.

PS... Ike came thru just as we were headed to soccer. It started to rain on the way to the game..Rain was an POURED the kids were soaked by the time they started to play. It proceed with Heavy downpours that they said felt like hail and strong winds....that a certain boy thought was going to be blown off the bench. I was grateful that they cancelled the game for the younger kids. I wish I could have taken pictures but I didn't have a waterproof camera. Needless to say we were pretty soaked. Good thing was that the weather was at least warm.

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