September 20, 2008


So I am sitting on the sidelines today waiting for soccer to start when I took a glance up to the sky. A few seconds earlier I was Ahhh the sun whet behind the cloud a nice change then the hot rays it was providing earlier. This cloud is what I saw. I love the way the light peeks behind the clouds like this. I don't know what it is but it just always makes me feel like I get a glimpse that heaven does exist.
A few minutes later this was flying over us for several minutes. I had no idea why but i just wondered if it was a sign of all that is great and wonderful about this great country of ours. There are big changes going on with the US lately seems more bleak and scary news with the economy. You can't help be worried how this is going to affect you and your family. Everyone is wanting to believe there is hope and that this won't be a long time for us. I have even read bits about the word "depression" in the news. I don't know if that's what's coming or not I just know that I hope a change is coming. I am trying to be a bit more educated on the upcoming election and hoping that the new president can help the economy and this wonderful country we live in make a turn for the better. With the way things have been going I have to admit I am a scared with the direction it is currently going. It's a tough time financially for me (and I know MANY others) and I have faith that things will get better.....praying sooner than later.
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