September 29, 2008

My one

A week in my ordinary one is inspired by Ali Edwards. She taught a class with this theme several years ago and now she's sharing it with her blog readers. This is my day so far....I just realized I have more pictures but they are on my other memory card. I need to download them....will do that in a bit. Overslept this morning by almost an hour. Then as we are getting ready to leave J says his head hurts really bad, he was on the verge of tears.. Yesterday afternoon he was throwing up and not looking very good. I checked in on him after he went to bed and he seemed warm. I wasn't sure if it was a fever or him under too many blankets. So I go and feel his forehead. Sure enough he is hot....thermometer shows 100.1. Make another call to work to report this (called like 5 mins earlier to tell them I overslept and was running late). He curled back in bed and slept gosh until about a hour or so ago. Looks better came out from under the blankets sweaty but looking a bit better. His eyes still have dark circles under them and he doesn't look 100% still. I am a bit concerned because it was just a few weeks ago he was burning up with a fever. Still waiting to hear back from the doctors. In a bit it's off to get R from school. He was soooo worried about going on the bus to daycare after school. He thought the driver wouldn't know where to drop him off. He was really really concerned by this so I told him I would pick him up. This really set his mind at ease. Got our lawn mowed....freaked a bit when I saw some man I didn't know walking around our backyard. He had headphones on and didn't hear me when I called out to him. I started to head outside to see what he wanted when I saw the truck in the front yard ....whew that made me feel a lot better!
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