October 5, 2008


Hockey season started yesterday for the Indiana Ice. The boys and I really have a great time going to the games. Since it was opening day yesterday they had some fun things going on before the game. Getting to play a lil' "street" hockey I think was one of the favorite things....right along side the jumping house. The team has pretty much all new players only like 4 or 5 are from last year so we are having to learn the names and numbers for who's who. I broke down and bought us all shirts since I know we will be back again...and we can finally show our support.
Yesterday made for a very loooong day. We had an away game for soccer up in Kokomo which is about 65 miles from us. The team played their best game to date!! The coach thinks they are going to be a force to be reckoned with come spring. Jarod has made some fantastic progress!!! He is the youngest player on the team (it's a U11 game) most are in 5th grade and well he is only in 4th. The team yesterday had some pretty good size kids one of which Jarod was defending against. This boy was about 4 or 5" taller than him and outweighed him by a good 20lbs. Didn't stop my lil' star. He hung right in there with him and gave the kid a run for his money.....even after a play where there was a bit of a pile up and he fell on Jarod! All I could think was poor kid he's too skinny to be on the bottom of that dog pile. The team looked awesome though yesterday!! They all played a FANTASTIC game!! They should be extremely proud of themself because they gave it their all!

I sure hope we get out of this cheesy smile phase soon Riley :)
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jamie said...

hey heather...thanks for dropping by and posting. i love the company. and your header...very cool!!
where in IN are you, if you don't mind my asking. have a dear friend in nabb, or new washington, i believe in jefferson county.
have a great week.

bAbYbEcKy said...

Hey Heather! My daughter is totally going through the cheesy smile phase too -- annoying!