October 19, 2008

Fall Frolics

The last few days fall has finally made a real appearance here for us. I just love this time of year. Love the changing of the leaves, the crisp cool days, sunshine filtering thru the trees with the glorious colors. I think this has to be one of my favorite times of years. Everything about it is a far cry then what I grew up with in California. I also love seeing all the decorations people have up in their homes and yards. I just slowly started jumping in on that bandwagon. I have been slowly buying fun new things for the home.
Yesterday we started our morning off at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Man oh man did we time it right. We have never gone before where we didn't have a bit of a wait. Never been a problem because we look around the store for all the fun goodies they have to sell. This Saturday morning we were seated right away! Best part was we got a table right near the warm fire! I was kicking myself for leaving my phone at home (has a camera) and my camera in the car. I was sooo tempted to get a picture of it. We ended up filling our bellies with warm delicous fall inspired breakfast to fuel us for apple picking. After our meal we head to Anderson Orchard to pick apples and possibly get pumpkins.
When we got to the orchard they only had 2 types of apples left to pick Ida Reds and Winesaps. Another perk...they were half off too! I was a bit leary that there wasn't going to be enough to pick. The rows of Ida Reds we went down didn't have too many big ones left. Finally we found a row of Winesaps. I had the boys head down to the end of the row figuring people picked from the front and didn't get all the way down. Sure enough we found a few trees that were PACKED with big beautiful crips apples!We ended up getting 2 bags full!! I would have gotten more if we had another bag :) I still can't get over all the apples we picked and only paid 6 bucks! The boys had such fun running around finding apples. The apple picker was a big hit! I can definately see this being a new yearly tradition for us.
Turns out the only had pumpkins already picked in an area near the store. We decided to pass on this because it was NOT the same as our yearly trek to Watermans Farm where we tromp thru the field after a hay ride to find our pumpkins. We are going to tackle that today.
After the orchard we went to the library and checked out a few books. Jarod found 3 new titles that I know he will finish in now time! Riley got a few halloween stories and a halloween craft book. I am going to look thru that and see what we can find. I found 2 books also and hope to get to read them. Next we went to Wally World for pie crust and a few other things. Once we got home I started peeling and chopping for the applesauce I wanted to make. I even made my first apple pie which turned out ok for a first time run.

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bAbYbEcKy said...

ohh, I just made homemade applesauce on Sunday!! YUMMY!