October 13, 2008

Classic Rock

So we are driving home tonight and Jarod is telling me about his day. He goes on to tell me about his friend and this guy in this band. He's a guitar player and he has some sort of disease that makes his back hunch over. He looks like the hunchback when he plays. I continue listening as the story unfolds. Jarod goes on and tells me that this guy is in this band called Motley Crew. I know he is thinking I have no clue who this. Au contraire my dear son, I was once a huge fan. Next thing I know I am reliving a bit of my youth with my almost 10yr old son a few things I know. He was like really, and goes on to share with me some of the song names he has learned from his friend. I was like Yeah I know that song and then feebly attempt at singing the songs.(I need the music so that I can truly relive my glory days!) I think I scored a few points in the cool mom dept today. It isn't that long ago I was young and was blasting the music super loud on my walkman. After dinner and playing outside until it got dark Jarod comes in gets on the computer to go He is looking to find some of the songs he heard about. I didn't even let the "They are from like the 80's" comment make me feel old or just a bit ago him coming in to say that they are considered Classic Rock...Seriously it was only like 20 some odd years ago....and didn't totally ruin the moment with my measly attempt at singing...even though I know I could still rock out a good couple of versus given the proper accompaniment. I won't tell him just yet what the lyrics are about. I honestly as a kid never paid attention to the "meaning" of the lyrics but more the music. And besides...I turned out ok...well except for the phase when I had big hair just like Jon Bon Jovi in the late 80's ...ahh to be 17 again, to be young and have a can of Aqua Net near by. :)

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Just Jen said...

What a great little story about bonding with your son. I love it. And Aqua Net...those were the days man, lol. My Mom said the back wall of the bathroom had a permanent layer of Aqua Net from all the spraying going on. Yikes!