October 25, 2008

Hot Dog and the Bun....

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We had yet another run in last night with the Wienermobile!! How fun is that!!! Riley spotted it this time. We were coming over 70 on the way to Plainfield when I heard him say "Its the hot dog and the bun". I was like what the heck??? I didn't know what he was talking about since I was trying to focus on driving. Jarod was like Yeah mom look!!! I took a quick glance over the side and sure enough there it was sitting way back near the Holiday Inn Express (it was around 6:30pm). I naturally had to get over there so we could get a good look up close. I was seriously bummed that I only had my camera phone which you can tell by the pic the zoom is not very good! Next time I know not to use it! Riley and I got out and checked out all the cool features on it. I was sooo glad because last time we saw "Big Bun" (this is another Wienermobile) 2yrs ago in Bloomington Riley wanted nothing to do with it! I would sooo love to see the inside of one up close and personal ....and also get a wienerwhistle ;) I read and discovered there are 6 wienermobiles that travel around the country so we have seen 2 of the 6. I would love be able to say we have seen all 6 of them! :o)
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Yummy...the weinermobile

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bAbYbEcKy said...

I love the wienermobile!