October 27, 2008

I love fall......

  What a beautiful day it turned out to be. Riley spent the night at grandma's last night. I had some work to do for a friend and then also went into my work yesterday. I ended up staying up way too late last night work on some goodies for the boys for their class. I drug my lil' scrap table out to the living room and worked there which turned out to be nice. I was able to watch tv while I worked and didn't feel like I took the entire room over with my stuff. Jarod and I got to sleep in which was really nice. Funny how quiet a house is without a 5.5yr old waking at the crack of dawn. Even Jarod mentioned it was quiet this morning. Once we woke up and got dressed. I grabbed some of the apples from our picking last weekend and headed to grandmas. I wanted to make either an apple crip or a tart. I had to run to Walmart for a few things so I headed over while the boys stayed with grandma. Once in the store my cart soon became filled with other items. I had initially planned to have the boys take a tootsie roll pop that I had decorated with my cute lil' SU set. (I love this darn set! ;) ) Well I really wanted to do something fun for them to share so I got some candy and made goodie bags for them to bring. Later Jarod and I worked in the kitchen together making the tarts. He did a great job peeling the apples and learned how to core them as well. After putting the tarts together we had some leftover apples so I showed him how to make fried apples. Boy they turned out good. We ended up with more of the carmel sauce than apples. I thought why not drizzle some over the tart and so I did after it came out of the oven.
Once we got home we took Max for a much needed walk. I am really trying to work to get in the habit of doing this. Not only does he seem a lot happier for it but I certainly can use the exercise. The boys typically...well always... bring bikes and scooters along. Works out great because I can do a brisk pace and they don't straggle behind. Even though it was a bit windy it was great for walking. The late afternoon sun through the trees of our neighborhood was just beautiful. I really love this time of year.
This week is going to be a busy one. Ww=e have soccer practice (2x)for the tournament next weekend, teacher conferences both Weds and Thurs, month end at work on Friday...and cross your fingers I can get done early enough for trick or treating Friday night. Riley is really excited about it....Jarod he isn't really that into. Halloween and trick or treating really has changed since I was a kid.
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Lyn said...

Love the little treats you made! Great job :)

bAbYbEcKy said...

I love the treats too!! very cute!!