October 12, 2008


Sunday morning ...took the kids for a walk around the neighborhood. I am going to give myself a goal of walking everyday. I need to make the time. It only takes a few minutes but I feel loads better afterwards. I don't think anyone will starve if I delay making dinner by a few minutes and better yet I think everyone will reap the benefits of it. I need to get diet and exercise back in perspective. Being a sloth is not good ..for anyone. As much as I would prefer to have a gym to head off to or even a treadmill at home those just are not in the game plan right now. It's about making do with with you got.
During the walk we went by some evergreen trees. Man they smelled good. It served as yet another reminder that the holiday season is quickly upon us. I still need to work on the goodies I was hoping to make for halloween. I did get my banner completed that I wanted so I am sort of getting there :) Baby steps.
Not having anything to do or places to go this weekend has really been a breath of fresh air, a treat of sorts. The weather has been gorgeous so the boys have been playing with friends in the neighborhood. This keeps them happy and occupied, and it leaves me to play and dabble with the crafty stuff I have been wanting to do :)
Here's a bit of what I have been up to this weekend.
I'm so cool

Our family canvas


emelyn said...

great layouts and LOVE the look of your blog, so festive!

Michelle said...

love your layot the colors are great! love your spooky shirt!!
and your blog looks great!