October 30, 2008


Oh my has it been a busy week this week. With work, soccer practices, teacher conferences, month end and halloween coming I don't know whether I am coming or going. I am just trying to keep it all organized and running smoothly to prevent any big bumps in the road.
Today I met with Rileys kindergarten teacher and got a great report. He really got a great teacher this year which I am ever so grateful for. She really understands Riley and works with him and his needs. I was worried that he might get a teacher that wasn't willing to work with him. He so didn't need a teacher that wants it there way only. He has really thrived and loves school. I can see such a big improvement and change in the way he is seeing things. Somedays I think keeping him at the preschool he was at was good but then also bad. I am learning he really likes the structure and schedule that he gets from school. He likes the routine and learning. He didn't have as solid of a learning enviroment that Jarod had. I think though that now Riley needs that. Earlier on though I think having him pushed towards it might have not been as good for him. His teacher thinks he is going to be a great student. We both agree that his behavior might be his downfall. Not so much the behavior as his way of dealing with things..the stubborn streak he has. I pray that he continues to have teachers that recongize the potential he has and not judge him by his stubborn streak. He has great potential but I knew this ;) She also thinks he will be a great reader and I totally see that as well! Just tonight it was sooo cute. I caught him sitting on the couch trying to sound out the word Bean on the LL Bean catalog I got in the mail. He was so totally on the right track! Tomorrow is Jarods turn. Besides that we have soccer practice then come home and carve pumpkins! Jarod wasn't big on a costume this year. He is going as a soccer player..sooo original! Riley is a mummy. I am worried that I might not have time to put it all together with having to work late for month end. Worse case scenario I am taking the boys trick or treating and then head back to work to finish up. This weekend is filled with soccer!! Jarod will be playing his first tournament....four games worth in 2 days!! It should be interesting to say the least ;) I hope the weather warms up a bit...830am games in 35 degree weather is not my idea of fun!

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