November 25, 2008


So i got this photo holder a few months back. I just loved the idea of it when I bought it. However once I got it I didn't have enough stuff to complete it. I wanted it to have a streamline look using all one line/mfg of paper. I didn't really know how I wanted to go about finishing it. Then I heard about the online project plus class that Ali was doing over at Big Picture Scrapbook. For 12 bucks I got my moneys worth....inspiration and a few great templates.... A few hours doing some serious scrapping and ta da! I am finally finished. I love how it turned out. That WIP sept kit (I think it was sept) was just what I was looking for! THe colors were perfect for the living room!
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Candace H said...

Heather, this is TERRIFIC! Love what you did with your photo holder and so does my son (who is hovering and reading over my shoulder... sound familiar?)

emelyn said...

This is awesome, Heather!! You totally rocked the holder and very inspiring! GREAT job, girl!