November 28, 2008

I went ....I conquered.....I saved!!!

Yes today I woke bright and early at 420am to head to Walmart for the Black Friday sale. I had a few things that I was really hoping to get and save some great money on!!! If it wasn't for the sale I most likely would not have bought the stuff for the boys. As it was I save sheesh at least 50% on the things I did score. When I first got out of my car and was walking to the store all I could think of as I saw the PACKED parking lot was....."I must be smoking crack to be doing this". I was expecting to have to wait outside for the store to open and then do the mad dash to what it was I was looking for. I was surprise to see that they were letting people in the store. What they did was have the pallets lined up all down the main aisles. The pallets were covered in black shrink wrap so that you couldn't see what was in them. If you got lucky you found one of the workers that had "The List" that showed what number was what product. I found the one thing I really wanted and was right there by the shelf. There were 4 other moms hovering. One lady had her hands resting on the item she was looking for (thank goodness it wasn't what I wanted) I was chatting and joking with the other women. Me and another mom couldn't quite get in front of a rack so the mom that was was nice enough to grab and just hand us the items. After we got several we were able sort out so that we all had what we needed. I then headed over to a few other items. I scored!! There were only 2 or 3 things I didn't get to but I decided it wasnt' that important. I wanted to get to the checkout before they were too crowded. While in line I was talking to another woman when I glanced to see what time it was. I was very surprised to see it was only 5:30am!!! I couldn't believe how fast the time went!! I thought I was there sooo much longer than that!! Time flies when your having fun! It was really a fun morning!! Having everyone be so cordial and polite really made it so worth it!! There was no grabbing, yelling, shoving that I was expecting. I hear that was over in the electronic dept...the area that you couldn't pay me to go near!!! I did learn that really it ideal to have someone else with you so you can take advantage of great deals and also cover different areas of the store. So my lesson I learned today......I think I will plan on doing this again next year :) I then went back tonight and spent even MORE money there......I needed to grocery shop in a bad way. It turned out that the store was empty....the calm after the chaos! :)

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