November 8, 2008

A few visitors stopped by today

I was in the living room late last night and thought I heard something in the garage...I admit I wasn't fully comfortable with going to investigate on my own so I had Max join me. I had an idea on what I thought might be out there. Lo & behold sure enough I was right. Only when I first found him he wasn't here. But rather completely inside the bag of cat food I keep in the garage. I knew it! I had this happen a few years ago and Snoopy went running the other direction when I opened the garage door and found one of his friends staring right back at me. Needless to say Max and I shoo'd him this far. Once he was corned he wasn't going anywhere. He just kept trying to look mean and menacing, Max and I totally saw thru his act. I opened the big garage door and the door that he came through & just waited. 45mins later the bugger was still in the same spot! This morning I checked and was happy to find we were rid of him or is it her. Honestly with as ugly as this buggers are they have to be all males! Yes....we have the back door closed now.

We finally had to drag out the rakes today and work on the lawn. Well more like 2 rakes and 1 snow shovel (note to another rake for the boys ;) ) You could see no grass under the leaves! I think they all fell at one time which really I would prefer to have. Otherwise we, what am I saying more like I am out all the time trying to get them all cleaned. I am happy to report the boys are now officially old enough to help...finally!! This is our 5th autumn and I finally have BOTH of them willing to help!! We made good work of it too... that is until Jared arrived to get Jarod. Riley and I still worked for a bit longer and I got a few of my traditional fall pics.

Riley and I still worked for a bit longer and I got a few of my traditional fall pics. During our time out there we had yet another visitor. I don't know where he came from but he sure was happy to be running around and was a really nice guy just a bit overally excited is all which cause Riley to freak a bit. Ever since Jarod got bit from the dog across the street he gets VERY scared when he sees dogs just running loose. As you can see this was a pretty good size guy. He really just wanted to play.


jamie said...

you seriously have leaves, don't you. great photo of your son there...really awesome...glad your visitor has left you...yikes!

Michelle said...

omg was that a rat??i have goosebumps grosss i am such a chicken you are soo brave for going out there and looking i would never!!!your leaves look like mine great photos!
glad your rodent is gone!