November 7, 2008


ahhhh i am glad that it's time for the weekend, especially since we don't have much planned. after the last few weeks of being on the go it's nice to just have a weekend of nothing. well it's not really nothing since there is a yard covered in leaves. i mean the point you can't see the lawn or the front porch. its just a big field of yellow maple leaves. that means some time this weekend i have to become motivated to rake. i will recruit my little helpers but i believe one will be a bit more helpful than the other. we need to stop by the library tomorrow and return books. a book we had on hold came in...perfect timing too since the books we need to return are due. then later in the afternoon i need to go get my eye exam done. need to find new glasses as well...hopefully grandma will be able to watch riley otherwise i might just go back later to pick frames i don't want to rush trying to find them. might even remember to bring my current frames so they can fix them. that might be a bit too easy though ;)
i want to work on some crafty projects just not sure where to beginning. i have stuff but need inspiration. i might work on a countdown to christmas album so i have it all ready to go come december. once again i have great intentions just a matter if i follow thru. i know if i can just get going the mojo will soon flow...just gotta find that certain something that peaks my interest (and is free for this weekend anyways ;) )

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