December 17, 2008


This month has been just a whirlwind. Work has been very busy for me. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for me to accomplish things I would like to do. I haven't done hardly any baking this year. I was really wanting to focus on having the Christmas spirit alive. it seems like the month has flown by and I haven't done what seems like a lot of things. I would have loved to been able to take a few days off before the holiday but I knew that wasn't going to happen at work. Just feel blessed that I have a job and well with the extra work I at least like to think of it as job security. I have discovered how to use overlays with . I love that I discovered this free program. I hear it has a lot of the same functions as PSE but its FREE and not 80bucks. Besides I don't think my computer could handle PSE. I need to download my pictures. Here's a glimpse of what our month has been like....

Jarod had to make a log cabin for school. It turned out to be a fun activity for us to do! Spent a few hours working on it but I think it turned out great. His teacher must of thought the same thing since he brought home a A+ for it!

Riley hasn't missed a day on filling Santa's beard. He loves this thing! I was telling him the other day that we still needed to see Santa. He tells me I wrote him a letter I don't need to see him. I will see him on Christmas eve on his motorcycle. This cracked me up! That is one memory that will stick with him forever I think...the year he saw Santa downtown on Christmas eve riding his motorcycle around the Circle.

This past Saturday we went to the afternoon showing of the Polar 3D IMAX no less we had a great time!!! I wished it wasn't sooo gosh darn windy and cold that day. This prevented us from wandering around the circle a bit. Hope it works out for Christmas Eve. I have to work but hopefully won't have to stay too long..blech!

This weekend my plan is to do some serious cookie baking. I want to do the whole shebang and decorate them. Maybe make a few oreo truffle balls. We might do those tomorrow so I can take them to work for Friday. I have lots of ideas of stuff....its just finding the time! there never seems to be enough hours in the day!


Christina said...

Oreo truffle bars? I have NO IDEA what those are but they HAVE to be good!!

bAbYbEcKy said...

I love his 'log' cabin!! what a creative little boy you have!!