December 28, 2008


During a nerf gun battle.....

don't Jarod for serious..... meaning....Don't Jarod I am serious :o)

Today at the Starbucks drive thru

Me: Can I have a venti Carmel Machiatto

Riley: Why do they have chinese drinks here

I couldn't help busting up laughing!! God I love this kid :)

I have seriously neglected my lil' blog as of late. The holidays just snuck up and took me by surprise. The tree came down Friday. I had to ...I was besides myself watching the poor thing get battered by the darn cat. Curtis really did a number not only on the tree but several ornaments. I did pick up a few new ones at Cracker Barrel friday night along with a really cute Santa. Today I got a new tree skirt because the current one was a casualty of the Curtis, Macaroni, Max debacle.

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