December 5, 2008


Done with another week....boy it was a loooong one too! I have some work that I should go in and work on this weekend. Job security is what I call it that and the overtime doesnt' hurt. Question is....will I go in?? If I do it might be Sunday. Time will tell...that and how Jarod and I do with his log cabin project that is due Monday. He has ideas bouncing around in his head of what he wants to do. We have a bag full of sticks that we got on our walk thru the park last week.

I am planning some fun holiday things for us to hopefully do this weekend. There is baking to be done. I really love baking and make goodies for the Christmas season. I would make about 20 different kinds if I had the time and money to make them all. The yummy cream cheese sugar cookies I discovered last year will be a must!! I have a bunch of new cutters this year too. I would love to decorate them with the boys. I know Riley would have a blast as would Jarod.

I was about to go and buy a bunch of christmas songs to listen to at work or even home. Then it dawned on me ....HELLO can you say PLAYLIST???? Best part .....its FREE!!! Granted you have to be on the internet but heck I am there anywas :)

Its a nice quiet evening at home for us. Its REALLY REALLY cold!!! Like a whopping 19 degrees when we left in the morning.....and now its all of 17! They are mentioning snow. Whether we actually see it or not is a different story. I know that I have my pot of coffee sitting on the burner to help keep me warm. The boys have there blankets they are curled up under. We have Harry Potter and the Sorrcerer Stone on tv. Earlier we watched a favorite... Santa Claus is Coming to Town. ABC Family is a great station this time of year. I love the 25 days of Christmas and all the holiday shows they play. We did miss the Grinch, the original version, the other night so that was a bummer. I need to find Home Alone on CD during our run to the store tomorrow. We have to watch that!!! I wouldnt' be the Christmas Season without it. :)

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