December 5, 2008

Just a matter of time...

I knew it was bound to happen....We walked in the house this evening to discover the christmas tree was knocked down on the middle of the living room floor. I thought it was typical of cats...both were sitting near by just looking at me as if to say "what's your problem". There were ornaments strewn across the room. Anything that was round or sparkly was considered a new toy. Needless to say I think we are definately going to have to buy a new tree for next year. I seriously doubt this one is going to make it in one piece * well thats really ironic because everyone knows fake trees have lots of "pieces" too them. As it stands...or should I say falls right now...there are lots of bent branches and needles all over. I thought part of having a fake tree was no needles. Here's hoping that next year a certain cat will have outgrown the christmas tree is just one big sparkly play toy for me.

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