January 11, 2009

Nasville bound....

For Christmas we got a nights stay at the Abe Martin Lodge in Nashville, IN. They just recently built a indoor water park so it was the perfect place to visit on a cold dreay January day. I was a bit worried about the weather because the reports had said there would be some icy rain ....YUCK and "winter mix" weather conditions. I haven't been out this way before but I knew the roads were a bit winding and didn't want slick conditions. We lucked out in that there was no ice but there sure was the FOG especially as we went down the "mountain" into the valley area that Nashville is located at.
It only took a little over an hour to get there which isn't too bad considering I got a bit turned around at first but quickly realized it and was able to get back on path. Once we got into Brown County we hit the downtown area of Nashville. It is a cute touristy type town that is full of shops and art gallery type buildings. Nothing 9 and 6 yr old boys would be interested in. Jarod discovered this great big rock and thought it looks really cool and took a picture of it. It looked like it was some type of quartz or somthing because it had that make up too it not like a normal rock is. We then walked around town for a bit and discovered one of several candy stores they have. The boys thought it was really neat to find candy that for cents ...can't really call it penny candies even though there were some that were actually a penny. I explained to them that way back when you could go into an old time store and the shop owner would give you a brown bag. You could then fill the bag full of candy for only a few cents.
As we were walking more ....towards the public restroom ;) Jarod spotted a cute little grey squirrel up in the tree. I had wished I had my zoom lens so I could have captured the little guy eating his nut up in the tree. What I found funny was this sign....just at the bottom of the tree he was in. I you think he has fun at the local tourist expense :)
After leaving downtown we headed to the lodge. I was a nice cozy little place. I would have loved to curl up in front of the fire they had burning and read a good book. The boys however were a bit more interested in finding the pool. It wasn't long before we found it and they were changed and in the water. We stayed for a while and then went and got some dinner. Guess where we went afterwards...yup you guessed it back to the pool. We did the same thing this morning after breakfast. Overall it was a fun time for all. Everyone is a bit worn and tired from the trip. I am wishing I had taken tomorrow off work but nope back to the ol' grind for me. To make things a bit more interesting we need to leave a little earlier to drop Curtis off at the vets to get snipped snipped. It's time for this guy to get neutered before he gets himself and others into trouble....especially Macaroni. Her time is schedule for later this month.
I did work on my 365 album today. I was thrilled to learn that Becky Higgins has made available templates you can use to create your own book for those that weren't able to get her kit....that would be me! I love this!!! What's even better is that I have been able to modify it to fit the 8.5x11 format I was wanting to use. I need to go and get more ink for both my picturemate printer and my main printer. I might hold off though on the main printer because I have been debating about getting a new printer so I can print large prints at home instead of just the 4x6 size I can do with my picturemate. It's one of the things I have been thinking about.

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emelyn said...

Sounds like so much fun and what an adventure! Icy roads...doesn't that just make you miss CA? ;)

Glad the boys had a great time, nothing beats swimming!