January 2, 2009

Thanks California....

I would just like to thank the state of California for the hard work and dedication they have put into seeing that my children get the support they need....

$ 600.00
$ 22,237.23

It's nice to see the system at work....the non custodial parent is not employed but is living at home with his mom and dad with not a care in the world. Must be nice not to worry about how your house payment/rent is going to be made, how your going to afford the food/clothing growing children need, let alone the impending reality of braces in the near future. I have provided information to his whereabouts so he can be held accountable. Diddle squat is what they have done....We can't find him to serve him the papers to appear they tell me. Gee if I owed that much money I don't think I would be going to them. California has done nothing to "find" him that's for sure. I certainly know my family would not be "harboring" a dead beat I know that for sure. It's time for no more missus nice gal....he needs to be held accountable. He certainly shouldn't be doing this....

Thanks much for being the need to focus more on terminating deadbeats from avoiding there responsibilities.

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