April 26, 2009

By george....I think spring might be here

The sun has been shining for the last few days. We have been having temps in the low 80's. It has been just gorgeous out! There has been a some breezes but it works out well because it's enough to keep you from getting hot. Jarod went on his full day PEAK field trip adventure yesterday. I had dropped him off at school bright and early at 715am!!! They had a FULL DAY of activities down in southern Indiana. The first stop was about 2hrs and 15mins away at Marengo Caverns. They then went to French Lick and visited the Train museum and had dinner on the train. They arrived back in town at 9:30pm. I was surprised he was as full of energy as he was! The first thing he asked me when he got off the bus was could he spend the night at his friends house. I told him he would have to pass because he had a game today.
While J went on his trip. I packed a picnic lunch and took Riley to one of his favorite spots...the Zoo!

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