April 20, 2009

the Hamster and the wheel...

That's what I feel like lately....A hamster running on a wheel. My legs keeps going and going trying to get someplace but then find myself hours later in the same spot I was when I started. It has been a real challenge trying to get all that I want done in the time I have. There are just not enough hours in the day to get things done. For weeks I have been trying to chip away at all the cleaning and organizing stuff around the house that needs to get done. We don't have a big house quite the contrary it is on the small side!!! With working full time (with OT) getting to and from soccer practice, meals, the never ending pile of laundry it just never ends!! I seriously would love to have someone come clean my house every other week. Summer is upon us and then there is yard work that will need to be added to my list. I just don't have enough hours in my day to do all that I want. I no sooner get one room done and move to the next only to have boys/kids leave there mark behind. I know once summer comes it might get a bit better because they will be outside loads more than what they are now. At least in the summer we will be on a break from soccer. Don't get me wrong I love the whole soccer experience and watching the game. It's just coming to terms with not being able to get everything done that I want to. I am gaining a lot of progress on my craft corner. I hope to have it cleaned by tomorrow night so I can get working by mid week. I need to get out...and met people. I often wonder I the only single 38 yr old mom with boys 10 and 6 in Indy? I swear I think I am!!! I need to find something to get me out and meeting other people. I am more the crazy soccer mom than the crazy cat lady. I guess the bright side is at least with soccer we are going to new places ;)

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