May 14, 2009


so i have a zune....i love my zune but i let my pass run out so i put it up for awhile not to hear my songs play. the other day i decide i want to listen again and go to find it. found the player but not the cable to charge it. i was bummed. and frustrated. frustrated because i know i put it know that someplace that you don't want to lose it at only to, well you guessed it lose it. today low and behold...i found it. and charged it and paid for my pass. then my foot started tapping and my head soon joined in, before i knew it i was bouncing in my chair dancing as if i was good...which anyone can really master, while sitting in ones chair. so happy just brought a smile to my day. its been a crummy loooooong week and well finding my trusty zune and listening to a few tunes has made me happy. i think so happy tomorrow i might actually get my fat butt up out of the chair and dance around ;) what songs make you happy...

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