June 2, 2009

Hello Summer


Coming home today and just look at the clouds..there are storms on the way. Gotta love the crazy Indiana weather. Never dull that's for sure.
From 365

The boys are officially on summer break! I know they both are excited to be out of school. Riley has been very much looking forward to getting to go to summer camp with Jarod. There is no playing video games most of the day but lots of activities and fun in the sun! Swimming 2x a week, field trips, taco and pizza days and plenty of games outside. They have a lot of fun and typically come home hot and dirty but full of stories about the days adventures. Today Riley FINALLY lost that darn snaggle tooth that has been hanging for the last few weeks. He refused to wiggle it because "it hurt". The first one came out while getting a drink from his water bottle. He was a bit upset because there was some blood so Riley recruited the help of his big brother. Together they got it out. Then later the kids were playing a game and Riley got tagged. During the fun and chaos he tripped and fell. When he did he hit the ground and out popped the 2nd one! I didn't even know that one was that loose...but then again the kid wouldn't let me even touch it! He now looks so gosh darn cute! A real jack o latern that's for sure. You can even see part of a new one already coming in.

We stopped by McD's on the way home to get a celebratory mcflurry and who'da thunk we'd see this in the Krogers parking lot....What do you think, maybe had to do a run for milk?

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Nathalie said...

That cloud photo is amazing!!! Loved the giggles on the Pokemon video too ;)