June 6, 2009


This weekend is the Indy Air Show and for long as I have lived out here I have always wanted to go. It seems like I am destined to make it year! I am bummed that we are not able to go this year. The show dates had changed and I didn't get tickets in time :( One thing though that I can always count on is being able to see some sort of plane that is heading out to the airfield. For the last 5 out of 6 years I have worked in pretty much same spot. My current job is right on the other side of SR37 from my old job. So I knew I would hear the roar of a plane come by sometime today. The minute I heard these guys I grabbed my camera and ran out the door at work. Soooo glad that my desk is right by the front door but also LOVE that I have my p&s with me at all times now! I can always get pictures that I was otherwise missing! These 2 planes were LOUD when they flew by!! Not as fast as jets but really cool to see none the less! Once they were out of my sight I went and looked at the picture and once I saw the size of the propellers on them I knew WHY they were so loud! Hopefully next year we will get to go out to Mt Comfort Airfield and see them up close and personal. The Blue Angels are always there as well! I have seen them back in California during Fleet Week in San Fransico. The show they put on is awesome. I know the boys would LOVE it!

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