August 25, 2009

the season has begun...

Well really it started a few weeks back with practices...three times a week no less. My days are completely and utterly filled to the gills. I still am playing catch up on work from my vacation. I figure I have only a few days left because well...the end of the month is right around the corner. I am constantly doing something but with as busy as I am I don't regret it one bit. I am having to have discussions with a certain 10 yr old to get him back on track with the swing of school. I have tried to warn him that things are going to start getting tougher as he gets older. I just want him to start getting back and focused on his work. I don't want him to start to slide. He has soccer and is also wanting to do yearbook for school. I was thrilled when I learned it would be before school! That means I won't be running around 4 out of 5 days during the week.

My lil' first grader is doing great. It really is a lot of fun working with him on his homework in the evenings. Most days he does it at home rather than at the Y. On soccer days he brings it with. I made him a special art and pencil supply holder out of an empty crystal light container. It is the perfect size to fit crayons, pencils and even a glue stick. Perfect for the on the road homework sessions. I need to get sometime to make him a little clipboard also.

The past weekend we were running around for a tournament. This was basically a good starting point for the coaches and the boys to see what their competition will be like for the season. Our first game was at 830am!! That is such a crummy time to start...its sooo early! Everyone is still half asleep and I have to say they played like it. The did much better the next two games. I was sooooo nervous and anxious when I saw they were putting Jarod in as goalie! I was like WTH!! OMG what was even better was he did awesome! It definitely adds a whole new element too the game. As if I wasn't anxious enough this had me on the edge of my seat holding on for dear life. He made some really great saves. I am wondering if this might his new calling on the field. I think its great he is developing some great skills that is making him a solid all around player.


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