August 12, 2009

Summer comes to an end....

Today is it....the last day of summer vacation. The last week the boys and I have really had a good time. We got so much accomplished and they are ready to tackle a new year of school. Our little mini vacation was a big hit!! The boys did great! Riley is definitely growing up and maturing. He really is learning how to adapt to new things and the "meltdowns" are slowly coming to an end. Jarod is excited that the fall soccer season is underway. He found out at practice yesterday that his team was accepted into the "premier" division. In a year he really has come a long way. His skills have improved soo much!!! He is a totally different player now. I love seeing the growth and challenges that he faces and tackles. Riley won't admit it but he is thrilled to start first grade!! He loves schools...he loves the routine and learning new things. Exploring new avenues to showcase his creativity.
I have had a great vacation. It was a much needed break from work and the daily grind. I feel like I have gotten so much accomplished while catching up on much needed rest and a few things that needed to be done. I am even more excited and determined for us to have a vacation to someplace new and exciting. I want to take them to the beach next summer. I really miss the beaches since moving from CA. Never did I think I would thought I would have taken a beach for granted but I did. There is just something wonderful about running in the waves and feeling the sun on you with sand between your toes. Being able to body surf or play in the waves. I want the boys to experience this first hand! I don't want them to grow up being one of those people that have never seen the ocean. Everyone needs to see the ocean!!

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