October 4, 2009

Fall is in the air....

and I am loving it! I love this time of year. It's great to be outside watching soccer bundled up surrounding by all the beautiful fall colors. Then stopping on the way home to get coffee to warm up with. That is pretty much what we did today. The boys had a awesome game! No win...yet but they are sooo close! Today's game was tied 2-2 they play a great game. Aggressive and determined, amazing team work. A real moral booster. I love seeing the excitement they all shared scoring those two hard earned goals. One was a penalty kick no less. Jarod was goalie for the entire game and did fantastic job! One of our players was trying to help keep the ball out of the goal. While attempting to kick it away it ended up going the wrong way and went towards the goal. The jury is still out on if it was in fact a score or not. The referring today definitely left a lot to be desired! There is NO way the center ref was old enough to work this game. NO lie the kid didn't look much younger than our players and made a lot of bad calls, well more like DID call any of the fouls that some of the players were doing. Last I heard grabbing and shoving players was not allowed. When it became obvious the calls were not going to be made the boys played just as hard back and didn't give up. The played a strong solid game of soccer, a game to be really proud of! It was great to see them all running around after the game wrestling with each other. All of those boys were on cloud nine over this game. Much deserved to say the least!

I have joined the THAW challenge over a Willows... Lord knows I have a ton of photos I need to work on and am NOT getting done. The challenges really moitvate me to get work/pages done. I brought the extra little card table I got into my room and have desk I can use to work on. What's great is I have discovered HULU !!! Oh my gosh! Why have I not checked this out before. It's like having a tv on your computer!! I was able to watch my missed episode of Fringe while working on my page. It was great!! I felt like I have a tv in my room now! I got my layout done for Monday that needed to be done. I am going to work on the other 2 tomorrow. Going to get the coffee brewing and have fun creating! Jarod stayed at a friends so it's just me and Ry it's nice have it be just us. I think both boys enjoy having that extra bit of one on one time. Next on my list is to find a better chair to sit in and I will be set!

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