October 11, 2009

Cooties be gone...and getting my groove on

Ugh...yesterday J came up to me in the morning telling me he thought he wasn't feeling well with a thermometer in hand. Poor kid was running a fever of 100.5 and had been coughing and sniffling the last few day. With all the H1N1 talk going around I didn't think it would be a good idea for him to go to school. So stay home he did curled up in his blankets in his room. Where he stayed all day long. Getting some much needed rest and taking medicine to help him feel better. I too wasn't feeling the greatest either but grinned and bared it. For once the one not sick was R! Today all was better no more fever and J was feeling back to the road to recovery. I made us lay low today though because I still wasn't feeling up to par. Also he has a game on Sunday and wanted him to rest up for that.
Completed all the challenges so far for the THAW challenge over at Willow TRaders. I have gotten 4 layouts done so far. Lovin' that I am getting stuff done and using stash!! I have really cut back on the scrap spending forcing myself to use what I have and not buy stuff to sit around not getting used. I am pleased with the layouts I have done. I am really DROOLING over an Art Journal I have found at Evalicious I love the halloween one and the school days and well...several others!!! I love Fall and this time of year. Love all the colors changing and the weather getting cooler. I think I am going to cave soon and have to get me one. I think I really "neeed" one ;)

Riley has really been finding his inner artist. The kid has such a great imagination. Today he was going to town with a mechanical pencil drawing out this cool picture of dragons and guys fighting them. He found a red pen and then started to add flames and color to it. I went and gave him my big package of assorted color sharpies and let him go to town, and that he did! He was thrilled to discover he had the colors needed to make Darth Maul and Darth Vader. Star Wars/ Clone Wars have been really big with him lately. Also legos! I think big legos sets are going on his Christmas list...that and a dual edge light saber that he's been asking weeks for. I love seeing what he creates and the little details that go into the picture.


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