November 8, 2009

Getting ready for the holidays

SO I have been holed up in my room working on the album that I am going to do my december daily with. At first I wasn't thrilled with what I had but it's beginning to grow on me. I have added some metal, sewing, ribbons and trims and it's coming along rather nicely. I am debating if I want to backstitch the felt pages I did. I might just pass on it. I have found my self getting in the holiday spirit even when the weather outside is anything but cold and wintry. I have found some great ideas for gifts to make. I am really happy with everything I have found and can't wait to dig in and create them.

Tomorrow is off for week 2 of my photography class. I am excited and hope that this week I can really learn something new and be able to apply it. Last week was basics and I felt like I had a grasp of that. I got great advice for shutter speed. I am making a little cheat sheet for me to help until I know what I am doing.


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