November 28, 2009

scenes from thanksgiving

We had a fun afternoon at grandma & grandpa house. Grandma invited one of the students from IU she works with that wasn't able to go home for the holidays. Shes from Biejing and well...they don't celebrate thankgiving. The boys played on with their nintendo ds and the grown ups had a battle of Jenga. Oh my gosh it was sooo much fun! Who know some wood blocks could be so stressful! Grandpa was enjoying setting people up..mainly grandma ;) and removing blocks from the bottom right at the get go. We were surprised at how high we got that tower and especially how far we pushed it with out it falling down. It turned out to be a great day! I was only able to take a few quick shots with my lil p&s before the battery died. I knew the window over my dads shoulder was going make all my pics over exposed but I coulnd't fix it! excited to think i might be able to fix it too if i had my nikon with me.




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