December 26, 2009

The aftermath...

Christmas has now come and gone. It was one without snow which was a bummer of sorts. However the day itself turned out to be pretty darn good! I am so very blessed! Riley came down with a bug Weds night, poor kid got sick all night long. He couldn't keep anything down. By Christmas eve he was felling much better but still not a 100%. We had to postpone our annual trip to the circle because of weather and illness. We hope to get over there perhaps tomorrow.
The boys awoke Christmas morning around 8:30am. I have to say that is one way they are totally different then me as a child. I would be sooo excited that my sister and I would be bouncing out of bed before the sun came up....usually still in the wee hours of the morning. The rule we had growning up was that we could sneak out and grab our stockings. This would hold us over until the excitement was too much and we would wake our mom up usually around 5-6am! My boys however are not such earlier riser. The were excited to open the gifts and get to it. I found it very sweet that they wanted me to open the first gift. I choose the gift Jarod had picked for me...starbuck coffee! Does my boy know me or what? Both then took turns opening presents. Jarod was excited by all the nerf stuff he got and Riley was thrilled with all his legos! I always find it ironic that we spend so much time preparing for the BIG day only to have it over in a matter of minutes. All in all they were happy with there gifts :)
We headed to the Grandfolks house to start round two of presents. Again they were thrilled with the gifts they got. I know Jarod was ecstatic to get a real bow and arrow set! Riley got an awesome Darth Vader lego ship that I got the privilege to put together. I admit it...I enjoy putting the lego sets together :) I scored big with a great warm pair of slippers that I desperately needed, along with an awesome throw blanket. I will be oh so warm and toasty this winter! A tripod was another great gift. I can't wait to use it and get some great pictures with it.
After a fabulous prime rib roast dinner Grandpa made we spent more time together just relaxing enjoying a great day. Jarod however was acting a bit quite and I noticed he was curled up on the sofa. When I asked if he was ok he told me he wasn't feeling good. guessed the bug Riley had, had taken victim number two. I quickly gathered our stuff and got ready to head for home. I knew how sick Riley was and didn't want to expose Grandma and Grandpa to any more of our cooties. Poor Jarod ended up sick like Riley. He even told me later that Grandpa's good cooking doesn't taste as good coming up as it did going down. Poor guy. This stupid bug did change things up a bit on our normal Christmas activites but it was still a great day to just relax and spend time with each other enjoying the holidays.

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