January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Well...the decorations just came down. I have done a bit of after holiday clean up. Gosh my rugs are in bad shape!! I can't wait for refund time so I can look into getting my laminate down like I want too! The house has been REALLY quite today which is AMAZING!! with both boys being home. Both have had there noses buried in their DS to find time to bicker. Jarod is actually about to play FIFA 10 on the Wii (one of his christmas gifts). I am thinking of heading over to Barnes and Nobles to pick up a book I found. Well it's not really a book but more a journal...only you are to follow the prompts and find new creative ways to destroy it. It looks so much fun! I love the concept!
Riley's birthday is in 2 days~!! I can't believe he is going to be seven!! Where does the time go. We are doing just a family party on Sunday and then the big party will be at the end of the month at Pump It Up! He is so excited!

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