February 14, 2010

Why would you do that?

I love the look Max is giving me. I can so hear him telling me "What did you go and do that for?" I know he is thinking that because I went and got him a small plastic crate/kennel to keep him in at night. He has given me no choice. I have the new laminate floor that is going to be installed hopefully this week spread out all over the living room floor getting "acclimated" to the temp of the house. I am FINALLY getting rid of the nasty carpet I have in our living room. It never was quality carpet and the fact that we have lived here 5.5yrs already and it is so old and thin I think there is no padding underneath. Over the years I have cleaned it numerous times but you can only do so much when there is this pooch that has a bad habit of sneaking into the living room to leave his calling card in the middle of the night. What makes it horribly worse is that you don't "see" where exactly he has left his mark until it's too late. He is one stubborn dog and many of times I have threatend to be done with this dumb pooch. But...I just never have the heart to do it. His previous owner just took him to the groomers and just abandoned him there. Just said that's it...she supposedly couldn't take the scratching at the door he did. I can vouch he does this, but only when he knows someone is home and he is being left out. 90% of the time he is pretty good dog its this sneaky problem that is what is going to do him in. So since I am finally able to get the new floor I have been dreaming of there is no way that cute little face is going to leave his calling card on it. So it's off to the crate for you at night. Last night was the first night and he did great!! 1000% better than he did in a crate when we first got him. I think he finally has resigned to fact that this is a lot better than other possibilities.


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Candace H said...

How exciting about your new floor!!! Cute photo (and caption) of your dog - you need to scrap it!