February 6, 2010

Great day!

We got quite a bit of snow yesterday...made driving home a real treat! Happy though that I made it home in one piece. We heavy slushy snow coming down fast does not make for ideal driving conditions that's for sure!
When I woke up this morning I wasn't sure just how bad it was going to be outside. The forecast varied depending on the weather person. Happily though we didn't get too much...enough but not so much that I wanted to stay indoors. I had a plan to go and look for a vacuum and also price laptops. I was doubtful about getting a laptop because it would be out of my price range. So we headed off to Walmart. I found a vacuum that looked pretty good and would serve us well. Dysons are great I just can't bring myself to spend 400 bucks for a vacuum! We headed over to the electronic dept. I wasn't too hopefully because this was walmart! I was looking at the ones in my price range...nothing very special. There was a guy there with his kids looking too and talking with the sales guy. Another surprise was the salesman really knew his stuff! Not what I would have expected at Walmart. So I noticed there were 3 different models all the same stuff on the inside but different in sizes. There was a dell though that was marked the same price....and was marked down 200 bucks!...a 17" beauty! I started questioning about it. Turns out they didn't have any...naturally! So I asked if other stores had one...nope...could I get it online...nope again :( Finally the sales guy offers to sell me the display for a discount. My ears perked at much of a discount I ask. 30% he says. HELLO that was 180 bucks marked off the sale price! So here I type from my new "toy" all for just a bit over 400 bucks! TOTAL score! 4gb memory, 500gb harddrive, webcamera and office on it! I am in 7th heaven. Jarod is dying for me to move the desktop to his room. I need to have at&t come and move the router though because his outlet isn't hooked up for it. My my weekend has been made! Next is the flooring for the living room. Hopefully I can get just as great of a deal!


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