January 2, 2011

Winding down...

The past three days have been just wonderful. Everyone has been happy doing there own thing while spending time with each other. I don't believe you have to interact all the time with people. Sometimes it's just the simple pleasure of just being in ones company that you really can savor. Currently Jarod is in his room playing on the wii. He was great in that he knew he had spent too much time on it the last few days. So today he watched some tv and just chilled with us for the majority of the day. Finally he asked if he could play for just a bit since the tv show we had wanted to watch we forgot to record. Riley is happy as a clam sitting next to me. He is in his element. He got a new lego set from Grandma and Grandpa for his birthday. He has his "official" set up of instruction manual and tv tray stand that works great for creating. Even though his birthday is tomorrow we have been sort of celebrating it a bit each day for the last few days. He wanted homemade pizza so together we went to Krogers to get the ingredients for it. I made the crust and the sauce from turned out delish! I made his cake, marble with chocolate frosting and then I wrote "Happy 8th Bithday Riley" with green frosting (no one even noticed my typo ;) ) We are watching Extreme Home Makeover together. has already brought me to tears, always does without fail.
Tomorrow it is back to the old grind. No lazy relaxing days spent in our pj's. The last few days have felt so good! While I have some jobs I didn't get done that I wanted to it's ok. I got enough done. I think I will work on my OLW assignment. I have been finding so much inspiration lately on projects I want to try....a coffee filter wreath is on the horizon.
today life is good...nothing exciting but a perfect day. we have much to be thankful for and today just makes me smile :)

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