January 1, 2011

2011's going to be a good year

 My poor neglected blog. I have missed you so. I was surprised by this. Even though I don't have any real followers I find that I am though..a follower that is ;) I am my biggest fan  and really found that my blog is a great place for me to jot notes and memories of things that are happening with our life. I love going back thru the archives and finding little tidbits of our life that I may not have remembered. So with that I am going to start back with the blog.

I am a big fan of Ali Edwards and those that know of her know about her "word of the year". she is have a class over at Big Picture Class, One Little Word (OLW). This year a word found me. I found that I was saying this word a lot & that it really had a meaning to me. Something that was calling to me in many parts of my life. Focus. Just a simple word that is calling to me in so many ways. So with that I am embracing this little word and letting it do it's thing in my life over the next year. Today that focus has been just relaxing but still getting things done. No time lines to be any place. Staying in our jammies all day and just doing what comes. For Jarod it's playing his new game on the wii...I think he is going to need an intervention soon ;) Riley has love having the "power of the tv" he pretty much has the living room to himself. He is loving being able to watch whatever his little heart desires while he plays with his legos.  I am in the midst of cleaning/purging/re organizing things. I have various projects in the worth throughout the house and while it looks chaotic now it will be worth it when it's done.

And then there is Benny.....Oh the big goofy lab we call ours. He certainly has a rough life doesn't he?


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