March 13, 2006


Nothing link a Monday's Challenge from Amy to make sure a girl blogs :)
It's all about Fours.......
Jobs I've had... I have worked at a Toy Store ...on Christmas Eve too no less!, At a shoe store...never again can I leave a mess behind when I try shoes on, Estimator for Commercial Food Service Equip Co, Office Mgr for a small grading & exacvation co did VERY $$ custom built homes

Movies I'd watch over and over... Rainmain..I don't know what it is but I just love this movie! Dustin Hoffman wins me over every time! Disneys The Jungle Book (the original cartoon version. I remember watching this as a child. I had the "soundtrack on 8 track!! I would listen to it over and over again. To this day I can still do line for line some scenes in the movie, Home Alone. This has become our "Christmas movie". Every year the boys and I watch it and laugh our butts off even though we know what is coming up :) 13 going on 30 watching this just brings so many memories of my teen years. Jennifer Garner is just so gosh darn cute in it....and admit it a girl has to have a good mushy happy ending chick flick film :)
Places I've lived... Oh lordy....I can list way more than California alone...Hayward, Newark, Fremont, Livermore, San Ramon...and that is just a FEW!....all before I was 18
TV shows I love to watch... I love Alias and wanted to cry when they cancelled it :( Greys Anatomy, Survivor, CSI, SuperNanny

Places I've been on vacation... LA, Las Vegas, Ohio, Florida, Hawaii

Favorite food dishes... Love Stouffers Mac n Cheese, veggie quesadillas from Chili's, Real SF sourdough bread...gosh how I miss that stuff!!, my dad's beef and noodles.


Jenn said...

oh i absolutely LOVE 13 going on 30 it is one i should definitely think about buying, i loved it. I forgot all about it till you mentioned it. And my kids love home alone too - all 3 of them!!! :)

Laura McCann said...

I am so with you on the sourdough bread!!! Bring it on!!

Amy said...

Oh, there's nothin' better than authentic SF Sourdough bread, yum!! Your TV faves looks a lot like mine: love CSI, Grey's, and Supernanny!

Linda F. said...

My DD's first job was at a shoestore. She always has to put all the boxes away and throw out all the paper when we try on shoes, too!

nandmmom said...

Jungle book on 8 Track, Wow. That is one of those stories for the kids....I remember when....LOL