March 15, 2006

Is it Friday yet??

How pathetic is it that here it is only Tuesday (well as I am writing this it is techincally Weds) and I am already wishing the weekend was here. Things at work are just down right yuck! It looks as if the only decent mgr left might be giving his notice. As if things are not bad enough. I know that I will just get plugging thru all the changes. I sooo hate changing jobs and having to start all over again for time off, vacation, and well just the every day part of doing a job ...that comfort zone aspect of it. I think maybe it is because there were so many changes and moves growing up. The having to go to so many different schools...lets see at least 4 elementary and 3 different high schools....really have put me where I am today. I hate being the new kid on the block having to establish myself trying to meet new people. I just don't like changes in this regard. I hate moving and changing jobs is right up there top on the list. I just keep telling myself that I can deal with it and I can. It just is so frustrating and disappointing when you are reminded how life isn't fair. This mgr should have been the one promoted to the GM position...not the one that was. I seriously think I could do a better job being the GM. I just continue to hope and pray that somehow someway thing will be made right and that credit and promotions are given where they are earned. This is just another reminder as to why I have no desire to climb the corporate ladder....I am of the school where you work hard and do a good job, be a loyal dedicated person and credit will be given where it is earned and deserved. I know this is a very rose color picture I have but its what I believe in and so far I don't see that changing.

On the other hand poor Riley is sick. He has been fighting a cold for the last few days. Around Sunday he started getting a cough. The cough has gotten worse...not bad but definately sounds different that before. He know is running a low grade fever and has taken to just laying on the sofa watching tv. For Riley to just lie around you know he isn't feeling well. So tomorrow I am going to get him in to the doctor. This morning he did not want to wake up for anything. At least tomorrow he will get to sleep in. Hopefully he will be feeling better too!

Jarod celebrates his 7th birthday tomorrow!!! I still can't get over that he is going to be seven! Gosh the time flies! I am so incredibley proud of the person he is growing into. My life has changed so much in the last seven years. Many bad days and lots of challenges but there has always been this shining ray of sunshine in my life. Nothing that his lil smile couldn't make me feel better by seeing. I have often worried that I may do wrong by him and that he might resent me for something...anything that I have may have done. I try and learn from the mistakes that were made with me. To me having this house and settling down, staying here so that he can develop friendships that hopefully will be with him for years to come. Giving him that sense of stablitly and always knowning that home is his safe haven. I want him to look back on these years and remember them with a smile on his face. Simple things that make people happy.....not fancy toys or expensive gifts but just the everyday life of being a family. Last night all of us, Riley included had such fun having a "sock fight" who'da thought thrown balls of socks at each other could be such fun!

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Annette said...

Happy birthday kiddo!! And hoping Riley feels better!